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Maintenance Tips For Freshly Painted Wall

Maintenance Tips For Freshly Painted Wall

Everyone loves it when their home looks brand new! It gives you a sense of positivity and fulfilment throughout the day. The overall look of any home is determined by the paint it has. So, it is recommended to practice methods that can sustain the fresh look for a longer period. When it comes to the best painter, there are plenty of options available by which they provide end-to-end assistance to maintain your freshly painted walls. In addition to this, here are some easy and DIY methods that will preserve your wall paints’ shine and lustre. So, before you think of getting your walls painted over and over, try to maintain the existing one well! Let’s look at a few maintenance tips for freshly painted walls that will help you to give your home a flawless look!

Know Your Paint

Before starting the whole maintenance process, you should find which paint is used on your walls. The type of paint is the foremost factor for determining how to clean your walls. For instance, if your wall has a latex paint finish, it is ideal for cleaning it with warm water alongside a soft or mild cleaner.

Set up the Ambience

Whether it’s the first time, second, or anytime, painting gives you real pain. The dust, moving things, cleaning, covering, and putting everything back sounds exhausting! To begin with, remove the wall paintings, lights, decor items and any other wall hanging from the walls. Move and cover all your furniture to protect it from getting any stains. Make plenty of room for yourself so that you don’t hit somewhere or break something or hinder your work.

Just dust your walls with a cheesecloth or a lambswool duster to remove any solid particles and provide a seamless finish.

It's Washing Time!

Like you have annual maintenance for your vehicle’s appliances, try to give your walls a water wash once in a while. This can remove the dust and add little cooling to your home. 

Before washing your walls, it is better to do a patch test to ensure that paint is waterproof and doesn’t get damaged. If your walls have any marks or blemishes, it is advisable to use soap water. A patch test is applicable for soap water too. Always use a clean cloth or sponge to wash your walls, and avoid using any dyed clothes to prevent stains.

Bye-Bye Blemishes

Spots are the toughest part of cleaning. If you identify any discolouration, scratches or stains on your wall, firstly try to scrub it off gently. A few stains may come off quickly, but some are deep. In such cases, you need a stain remover or a mild detergent. You can even use baking soda if required. 

Once the stain is erased, clean the residual to avoid any allergy.

Some Quick Touch Up

If you have leftover paint, it’s better not to throw it away. You never know when you might need some for your wall touch up. But, if you don’t have any paint left, get the same shade as per requirement. Use smaller brushes for the touch-up for easier and more effective coverage, and wait until it dries.

So that’s how you take care of your freshly painted walls. For more tips to maintain those beautiful wall colours, contact us . Check out our social media handles to see the expertise and slew of satisfied customers! 

Happy Maintenance!