How to calculate wall area for painting?

Don’t you love how a fresh coat of paint transforms our rooms? But painting is a house-

improvement job that needs planning. This job will go more smoothly if you know how

much paint you will require before you start painting. Read below to know how to

calculate paint area as well as about paint calculator square feet:

  • Measure the width and height of every wall of your room.
  • Calculate the surface area of every wall in square feet or meters by multiplying the width and height.
  • Add the totals of the 4 walls together to determine the total preliminary surface area of the walls
  • Subtract the surface area of windows and doors including the frame, while determining how much paint you will require.
  • Subtract the area of the windows and doors from four walls’ total surface area to calculate the net surface area.
  • If you are planning to paint specific areas, such as window sills, the same colour as the walls, then you can add 10% to your net surface area.
  • Calculate the ceiling’s surface area by measuring the length and width of the floor.
  • Now, you will be able to calculate how much paint you will require to paint the room.

How much paint is needed to paint a wall?

3 litres of paint can cover up to 400 square feet and it can paint a small room or a

bathroom, or a kitchen. A year ago I was painting my house and I had the same

confusion as yours. I thought about how much paint is needed to paint a wall. I asked

the painter I hired and he was unable to give a proper answer. Well, I searched theinternet and just like the painter I can tell you that you need to consider some factors to

check how much paint is required to paint a wall. I will state the factors below:

  • You need to know the height of the wall You need to know the width of the wall
  • You must count the number of windows in the room
  • You should also check the number of doors in your bedroom
  • The size of the room varies in different houses. Also, there are variations in windows and doors. Therefore, there is no apt answer on how much paint is required to paint a wall. 
  • However, since I have searched the internet, I came across a paint calculator to check out how much paint I needed to paint my wall.