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We have high end range of products like Texture Finish, Emulsion, Primer, Magic Coat to meet your requirements and give your space a new look

  • Texture in painting refers to look and feel of the canvas. 
  •  It is based on the paint and its application or addition of materials such as fribbon metal, wood, lace leather and sand. 
  •  The texture simulates two different senses they are site and tough. 
  •  SYNERGY is introducing new variety of pearl base finish and also various fibre granule stone affects which not only provide binding but strength also. 
  • SYNERGY has a latest variety of granule wall finish. It is a latest decorative, durable, economical and absolutely new generation wall coating

Synergy Paint Wonder Gloss Emulsion is ideal for ceiling and walls because it is thick and easy to apply. It is Humid Resistant and can be easily used in steamy rooms like kitchen and bathrooms. It uses water as the medium which carries the color pigment to the surface that is being panited. 

Our Synergy Paints Universal Acrylic Wall putty elongates the life of the paint. It has excellent adhesion and tensile strength , thus when applied onto walls before wall painting, it adds to the life of the wall paint. It also reduces deterioration of walls by making it water resistant, flake resistant and abrasion resistant. 

Our Synergy ALFA premium plastic paint is a form of emulsion paint with a higher percentage of plastic than conventional emulsion paints. The increased amount of plastic in the paint gives the smoother and silkier finish. Our ALFA premium plastic paint differs from traditional paint as it can be washed after use. Since dirt can easily be cleaned with a moist cotton cloth, our ALFA premium plastic paint maintain their smooth and fresh appearance for many years. 

Our Working Process



Our first step in the working process is consultation with our customers, listening to their requirements and specifications. 



After the consultation we send proposal to our customers mentioning prices, quantity, delivery date and other things specified. 



After the proposal , we execute our major part which is delivery of goods on decided date and mode of transport which was decided. 



We undertake major execution part after the delivery of goods which is inspection to see whether all goods have reached and in working condition. 

It was great dealing with Synergy Paint and their team. My project was completed in due time and service was commendable. Great work Guys. I am recommending them to everyone.
John Allison
CEO of Manufacture Company
I was setting up my own company and it was hard for me to focus between my work and company infrastructure. But Synergy Paints and their team really did the fantastic job.
Alicia Potter
Graphic Designer
Thankyou Synergy Paints and their team for delivering the project in due time. It was easy for me to manage other departments as most of the toll of work was taken by their team.
Edward B. Suarez
Factory Owner

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