About Us

Welcome to the world of Synergy Paints

Synergy Paints was established in 2010 in Mohali, by Naresh Kansal and Shivani Kansal. Later in year 2015, the company set up its 2nd Manufacturing unit in Gujarat in order to make its footprints stronger in other regions of India. 

Rapidly expanding presence and reach, Synergy Paints soon became the North India leading paint brand. India’s iconic structures like Homeland Heights, Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar continue to use Synergy Paints

Our Core Values

Synergy Paints stands for positive transformation. With its Social Responsibility philosophy, the company aims to bring change that betters quality of people’s lives. Synergy Paints seeks to undertake positive interventions in the area of Education, Health, Environment & Community Development that have a measurable long term impact. 

Flexible Schedule

We understand how hard is to run a company and motivate your employees. That's why we keep a flexible schedule of payments for our customers after they decided to enter into an contract with us .

Timely Delivery

Business has always run on the leap of faith. We have taken one step further, by committing timely delivery of our consignments to our customers so that their end projects does not get delayed.

great quality

We are very strict on the quality of the products we build. We understand competition is very fierce in the open market, but we never compromise on the quality of the products we made .

"Sales is the Driving force of any company"

I have always believe that Sales play a key role in building of loyalty between customer and business.  Trust and loyalty are the main reasons why a customer would choose to recommend your company to someone or write a great review of your product or service online. 

Selling is a personal interaction between one human and another, which is a powerful thing. Never underestimate the personal connection between two people, and the potential effect this  can have on yours brand reputation. 

One of the keys to customer retention through sales is to perform sales follow-ups. Setting up after sales call is a great way to maintain and build a positive relationship and gives the customer and opportunity to feedback their experience of the product or service.  

In conclusion, the power of sales in the continued success of an organization is not be underestimated or underused. Take advantage of the impact sales can have, not only on revenue but on brand reputation, long term customer retention and business growth. 

Our Mission

Synergy Paints believes in paint innovations that protects infrastructure and assets, and enrich consumer’s home lives. The Company has come a long way since its small beginnings in 2010. Synergy Paints manufacturers a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use.  We believe that the time you spend in your home or at place of your business should be enhanced by beautiful surroundings. We are proud to offer completely free estimates for each individual project, and we never add on unexpected fees, costs or expenses once the price has been finalized. 

Our Vision

Our values are focused on delivering the best painting products in the industry. We have proven that we are trustworthy and reliable. Because we value your business, our goal is to create a lasting, meaningful relationship with each customer. We strive to do this by providing nothing but the highest quality of craftsmanship, allowing us to embrace any project, no matter size or complexity, and making us the most reliable and reputable company in the Northern India. We promise to always maintain our high standards to give you the absolute best.

Awards & Achievement

We have have won numerous awards and recognitions in the last 10 years. This shows our brand trustworthiness and our reputation among employees who have been working with us for a long time. 

Need A Free Estimate?

We are the leading manufactures of Texture Paints, Plastic Paints, Emulsion Paints in whole of India. If you any requirement in bulk or have a real estate project running we are here to help you.